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Webinar Making The Internet Work For Your Self Storage Business

Did you know that the approximate Internet search volume per month for “Self Storage” is 823,000? The number of known search results for this keyword in Google Search is 147,000,000; in Yahoo is 158,000,000 and in Bing is 292,000,000; and the average cost per click (CPC) for this keyword is $4.46? Internet Marketing is becoming an indispensable means to a successful business and particularly in the Self Storage Industry. You may choose to continue to wait for Internet Marketing to happen for your business or you may join us to learn how to make it happen for you by means of: Website Design Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pay Per Click Ads (PPC) Mobile Websites Call Tracking Phone Number Website Tracking Google Analytics Local Search & Social Media Google Maps Integration Storage Management API Provide Real-Time Data Online