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Amazing Things Happening In Social Media This Week

By Karina Tama Here are this week's latest updates in Social Media. Enjoy reading and take advantage of the amazing things that are happening now! Facebook Facebook’s new feature: with a single click you can manage your groups "NEW Facebook feature: Manage the Groups you Admin with a single click" Announcing FB Newswire "Today, we're excited to announce FB Newswire, a resource that will make it easier for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce." Facebook Nearby Friends "If you turn on Nearby Friends, you'll occasionally be notified when friends are nearby, so you can get in touch with them and meet up" LinkedIn LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Updates API and Partner Programs "Sponsored Updates Partners help companies improve the ROI for their campaigns" LinkedIn announced Certified Content Partners "They help connect companies with publis

Do's and Don'ts Of Social Media

By Karina Tama Everybody wants to engage their audience through Social Media . There are several ways of doing it such as: creating a bond, providing content with interesting writing (Blogs), giving prizes to get leads and so on. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. Nobody has the magic formula to get results from Social Media. There are so many outlets. Which one is the right fit for your industry? How to help my company that sells software in Pinterest ? How to get followers on Instagram ? People write about these topics all the time, but we will only know that what works for each industry is when we try. So, let's try several tips and see how we engage the audience in the most consistent way. Sean Gardner, said “Social Media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.” Getting followers and likes are important. Finding the right keywords while writing content to be indexed by the search engines can also help SEO . But the reality is: we need con

Here is Why Email Marketing Is Not Dead

By Karina Tama Email Marketing is a piece of cake that needs your attention. Many people said that Email Marketing is dead, but it is not true. 3.3% is the Click-Through Rate (CTR) for Email Marketing . All of this depends on the way it is performed. Why lose that 3.3%? It would be better to go and get it. First of all, don’t buy any list. If there is a good list of Email Contacts, it won't be on sale. Nobody likes Spam, and when you buy a list, you are doing Spam. Buying a list will hurt your business because people will block your emails, and then you will never reach them. You are better off building your own healthy organic list. Now you say to yourself: “easier said than done”. Well, it will take time and effort, but hard work pays off. The best way to get your own Email Contact List is by Blogging. Begin by writing relevant content for your audience. Then you will build traffic and get conversions. I will explain this better here: Writing Blogs with titles that yo

4 Tips On How to use Facebook Fan Page For Your Business

By Karina Tama Facebook is The Biggest Social Media Outlet. Facebook has over 1.1 billion users. Promoting a Facebook Fan Page for Business is not an easy task. Are you having difficulties engaging the audience in your Facebook Business Page? A Facebook Fan Page can give you results, but you need to have a Facebook marketing plan. First, you need to establish your audience. It’s important to know who they are. Remember Facebook is not LinkedIn . That's why you have to have a Facebook marketing plan . When you are clear about where your audience is, you can begin the process on how to go to get them. Therefore, understanding your audience is important to succeed. You can use your database or keywords. Also, you can look for them in groups. Use Facebook Insight, and Google Analytics to track the engagement. Second, analyze deeply the content you will post on your Facebook Fan Page. You should ask yourself, what is my audience interested in? With the Facebook Insight and Googl

How Can Infographics Enhance Your Social Media Marketing?

Do you want to do something different to enhance your Social Media? Do you know Visual Marketing is one of the favorites for the audience? Well, Infographics is the answer for both questions. Infographics are used to show important data with graphics. People love to know the real facts, and they don’t want to read a page. Infographics offers solutions to the audience. Visual content is highly effective since people prefer a good image or video. To create an appealing image that is rich in data will bring your Social Media far into the future. Therefore, use Image Alt Attribute (ALT Tag) rich in keywords to improve your rank on the search engines, select attractive colors, and eye-catching images to show the facts of the industry. An image will deliver for your brand a story faster than any text. Infographics are a mix of both images and text. When you start to regularly post infographics, you will have an audience waiting for your next posting. It’s important to know the objec

Pinterest Can Make it Happen For Your Business!

By Karina Tama Pinterest is a visual Internet Marketing tool with over 70 million users. Many businesses are using Pinterest as their Internet Marketing tool. The majority of the audience on Pinterest are women and the more attractive products are fashion, food, and interior design or home decor. After you read this you are likely to say, “This is not the tool for me, or my business is not attractive enough to use Pinterest!” I can tell you that you may change your mind. Today, visual marketing such as pictures and videos are number one in engaging the audience. A good image is the best way to tell a story about your business. It’s true to say that the more popular companies that are on Pinterest are companies that sell fashion. However, you can still sell your business using this great tool. Think about some ideas that relate to how to create images that engage customers. For example, if your business sells kitchen appliances, you can create amazing images using Photoshop. The

4 Tips to Get More Out Of Your Followers On Facebook

By Karina Tama Many businesses don't know how to get more out of their fans on Facebook. This is because getting likes on Facebook is not an easy task to achieve. Also, engaging the audience involves hard work. Engaging the audience means the news is being shared by the followers. Therefore, it is important to change the theme of the posting since the audience wants fresh content. Writing blogs about interesting things and using infographics will get readers to click on your postings. People like images with data. They prefer to have images instead of reading a long blog, but still some part of the audience will enjoy reading blogs. Facebook page posting can reach around 16% of viewers, but it can go to 47% or more. On the other hand, the engagement part can go down by 2%. Sometimes the reach index goes down in a specific holiday or season. During a holiday period people are more likely to travel. They will share time with friends or family than reading blogs or gathering in

Instagram is a Powerful Tool for Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

By Karina Tama Do you want to expand your Internet Marketing with more tools? Do you know that Instagram is a successful tool? Creating a great Instagram profile will help your company reach more people, get more followers and increase your brand exposure. Don’t be stagnate! You must move and start your Instagram account so that you can start sharing the picture experience. There are 75 million daily active users on Instagram. Get your piece of the action and expand your business opportunities. First, you need to create an interesting profile by using high definition pictures. A good picture tells an amazing story about your business. HD pictures are more likely to grab the attention of prospect customers. Then add the URL of the website to the description. This will help to find your business. Instagram is not only a tool to share pictures, tags, etc. It’s also a tool that creates traffic. Therefore, create a specific hashtag if you will run a campaign. The hashtag will help

5 Tips to Writing A Successful Business Blog

By Karina Tama Do you know that writing content is important for SEO and Social Media? Do you want to start writing a business blog, but you don’t know how to start? Don’t be frightened! Just read this article and you will find the necessary tools to increase brand exposure and build authority by using a business blog. First, you need to establish an audience. Therefore, you will write a business blog that will be read by whom? It can be read by people of a specific age, industry, income, etc. When you answer that question, you can be successful by providing information on the specific group’s interest. For example, I write to attract local businesses. They need help with Internet Marketing so I write about subjects such as: SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, ROI, etc. It’s also important to find out what time your audience is more likely to check their mobile phones and see your blog posting. For example, what time works for you? In my case, 1:00 pm at lunchtime or 5:00

4 Easy Ways to Get More Out Of Your LinkedIn Profile

By Karina Tama Do you need better exposure on LinkedIn? You have a profile on LinkedIn, but you are not getting what you have expected? Here I will teach you a few tips that will help you to increase your exposure on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social network outlet where we can reach business owners, managers, decision makers and more important people. This social media outlet can also help you generate leads, interact with networks, and maintain a social presence. You should take advantage of this amazing tool like LinkedIn, and invest more time creating and editing your profile. You have to look professional by using a picture that speaks for you and the job you do. For example, if you are a public speaker, then you should post a picture when you are giving a speech in a conference room with an audience. Moreover, you must write all your information about your education, job experiences, certifications, volunteer experience, etc. In addition, you need to use the headline resource

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Check out the latest installment of NewsClicks - Q1 2014. It's loaded with information on guest blogging, Google+, and encrypted search. Give it a read . If you would like to receive our future NewsClicks sent directly to your e-mail inbox, subscribe here ! Read NewsClicks – Publication Q1 2014 .

3 Reasons Why Creating Your Own Images Will Improve Your SEO

In order to make a difference, it’s important to create your own images . There is a reason why it is important to go an extra mile and work on designing copyright images. The reasons are: Google can't read an image, pictures have copyrights, and images are a great storyteller for Social Media. First, Google can't read images. We need to give the Search Engine extra information when we use an image. How do we that? Image ALT Attribute (ALT Tag) describes the image in readable text format and helps Search Engine crawlers to interpret the image content. However, how will we Image ALT Attribute (ALT Tag) an image that doesn't belong to us? We can only use some keywords. It works better to use your own images and use the ones that we can give titles to. The titles will include a keyword that we want to target with the name of our business such as: <img src="mylogo.jpg" width="257" height="329" alt="My Logo is Awesome">.

5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, Internet Marketing is the new approach for businesses to stay ahead. Organic Social Media is the main component that supports Internet Marketing. The guidelines of the Search Engine changes often and people demand more for Social Media. The audience wants to be informed and be heard. Social Media is not anymore a channel to post news about goods and services. Instead Social Media has become a channel to interact with followers, listen to their needs, and provide information to your business. In this article we will discuss five ways to build a great Organic Social Media Plan for any business. First, the beginning of any Organic Social Media Campaign is the creation of the outlets such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. It is important to choose wisely the ones that are oriented in the industry we work for. For example, if the marketing campaign is for the Shoe Industry, it’s important to create Pinterest and Instagram. After interest

3 Important Local SEO Tips For Your Small Business

There are a few things that are really important about a successful Local SEO Tips . We have to add other marketing tools which can’t be underestimated. The goal here is to optimize a business that is found in the search engines. These tools are: Social Media, Blogging for rating and reviews, listings, etc. First, Social Media gets the name of any business out there. Then the Social Media outlets help to prospect customers in finding information about different products. Karina Tama said, "Customers look for solutions not for products. Currently, the consuming economy is moving based on brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and feedback from prior consumers". The social presence plays an important role for local businesses. Today, it will really help to boost any Local SEO Tips. Second, the creation of blog inner page in the business website will drive traffic because fresh content is part of the new Google algorithm. Having blogs posting several times a week will pro

What's involved in Search Engine Optimization?

What's involved in Search Engine Optimization? Many people talk about it. All the Businesses want to have it, but it’s a task only for experts. Many companies that work with online marketing offer services such as: SEO, PPC, Local Search Marketing, Social Media, and more. These companies manage important information on customers’ behalf, so that it can be crafted to the Internet Marketing Practices. Internet Marketing Optimization requires a lot of knowledge with good SEO Practices and updates. First, knowledge is the main key to doing an Internet Marketing Optimization, which works for any business. Nowadays, with everybody talking about Internet Marketing a lot of people think they know about it. But as we know Internet Marketing Optimization goes beyond SEO, Writing Content and Social Media. Successful online marketing requires a lot of years of practices. Therefore, we understand the threats and challenges that will occur on the halfway mark. Second, good SEO practice or

Want To Increase Revenue For Your Small Business? Hire A Professional Web Design Company

Building a website is a task that can be done by anybody. It just needs some templates and plenty of time to figure out how to build it. Developing a good website that meets your business needs is different. After an interview with Michael Schulman, Chief Technology Officer at , I understood the difference better between a website that displays information and an optimized website for a successful business. Schulman said “A good website should be organized, friendly, fast, and have a mobile version”. First, an organized website should have a useful layout that meets any business needs. In the Self-Storage Industry, the customer should be able to navigate easily through the pages and find the information that he is looking for. The most relevant information about this business is the location page, the prices and the space availability. specializes in the Self-Storage Industry. They have developed an API interface to integrate the website with Se

2014 Facts And Forecast, Self-Storage Numbers Look Strong

The Self Storage Association (SSA) has recently updated its statistics, facts and forecast for 2014. It has a total of 52,500 storage facilities across the country with a market value of 83.9%. We can also say that it has 2.3 billion square feet that are destined for rental space in the Self-Storage Industry. This can be compared with 7.3 square feet of storage for every person in the U.S, or 21 square feet of storage for every household in the U.S. The properties that are used as facilities or spaces for rent can be compared with three times the space in Manhattan. The number of households that need Self-Storage has increased since 1995. It has increased to 65% by 2012. This year looks really good for the growth of this industry. Furthermore, Self-Storage has been a growing segment of commercial real estate over the last 35 years. In the real estate recession of 2007-2009, this niche of commercial real estate in the Self-Storage facilities only lost 2% in comparison with other com

Internet Marketing For Your Self -Storage Business

By Karina Tama Consumers on the Internet are growing so fast. Self-storage operators are more likely to invest in Internet marketing to boost their rents and maximize their profits. SEO (search engine optimization) is in constant change that it needs to be done by experts. Social Media is also a great Internet marketing tool that can’t be left behind. Facebook, Twitter and other paid ads are also improving the ranks of the websites. Internet marketing is a must tool for all kinds of business and it can’t be ignored in the Self-Storage niche. First, the SEO is one of the most important tools of Internet marketing. Self-Storage owns the website which has to be optimized with the latest language so that it can be indexed by search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Internet marketing is the one in charge of this task. Traditional marketing such as the Yellow Pages and the phone are still used today, but the majority of people use the Internet to purchase a product or servi

The importance Of Call Tracking Phone Number For Your Self-Storage Business

By Karina Tama If you receive a call from a prospect and the customer asks for security devices, such as video surveillance, climate control units, and more, it’s possible that the person wants to book a unit in your self-storage facility. Nowadays, many storage businesses are losing customers due to the fact that the sales people don't do their job the right way. The Infographics have shown that 43% of all search connected conversion happens over the phone. 65% that take advantage of the business considers the phone calls their highest quality lead supply. Also, there is a 10% (percent) increase in clicks through rates for pay–per-click ads with a number. is concerned about the important needs of our customers. Self-Storage Businesses close their deals 30% of the times over the phone. That’s why we have a great product in our portfolio called “Call Tracking Phone Number” . This is a great tool that is needed now so that you don't lose customers. For