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4 Great Ideas To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

By Karina Tama

Are you wondering how much more you can do to improve your Social Media Marketing? Have you already tried the most popular social media marketing outlets without results?

Well, stop worrying about it! I will explain in details four unique ways to engage people.

First, you can start to host Social Media Events by organizing a virtual event on Facebook. This can be done by creating nice images and posting them on your Facebook FanPage. Plus, you can also send them to all your contacts. However, you need to think about an eye-catching name for the event such as: Happy Get Together. Then have the event for at least 24 hours so that you allow people to publish their Facebook Fan Page on your wall. Furthermore, you can get a lot of new fans, build loyal followers, and be the leader of this kind of event in your community.

Welcome to our Facebook Party!

I recommend using this approach once a month so that it will always build excitement. Send the event invitation in the morn…

The Importance of Social Marketing For Your Business Today!

By Karina Tama

Social Marketing shows that including social media marketing in our marketing efforts will bring results, engage the audience, and create success. Social Media will inform your active customers about updates in your products or services. It will also educate the audience about your company. By educating the audience, it will bring new followers, fans, and leads.

Social Marketing will empower your credibility by turning your customers into powerful brand advocates. This will engage them in peer-to-peer sharing and influence marketing. Using different outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube will create visibility for your brand or company.

Therefore, stay focused and choose the right outlets for your business. For example, if you sell shoes, it’s a must for your company to use Pinterest and Instagram, or if you sell services such as Internet Marketing, it’s a must to write blogs, create video tutorials, and images.

Example of Social Media Use for Produc…

What is Online Reputation Management?

By Karina Tama

Are bad reviews destroying your business reputation? Reputation Management for your business is a must! Do you know how much a customer can cost you? Can your business afford to lose repeating and new customers due to bad reviews and harmful comments on the Internet? I am sure the answer is NO.

So let’s go over this subject in depth! What is Online Reputation Management? We will do an easy exercise, Google your company’s name, brand and products.

What do you see? Do you like what you see? Do you see something negative or you can’t find your business name in the search results? After you get your results or answers you will realize the importance of reputation management? If you see any bad comments or reviews, you need to take action in order to respond to harmful posts. If you don’t find your business on the Internet, you will need to update your business listing.

Online Reputation Management involves everything about establishing trust in your business, brand and p…

Tips To Managing Your Online Business Reputation Right!

By Karina Tama

Today, your business reputation matters more than before. This is why you have to be on top of it. A 2013 study shows that 79 % of people’s purchasing decisions rely on reviews. It’s not what you say about your business. What counts is what people say about your business.

Take control of what people are saying about your business is a must if you want to succeed in business. It takes many years and hard work to build a name. At the same time, it can be destroyed in seconds through a bad review or a careless comment on the Internet.

Monitoring your listings and tracking your reviews play a huge part in managing your online business reputation.

How well a business ranks on search engines is influenced by the consistency and accuracy of its listings across the internet. Whether or not a business is listed consistently on web directories, review sites, and social networks will have a major impact on its search engine rank. Most businesses aren't aware of just how man…

CrucialClicks Selected To Host An Exclusive Google Partners Connect Event

By Karina Tama, leaders in Internet Marketing, is excited to announce that they have been selected to host an exclusive Google Partners Connect Event in Coral Spring, FL.

The FREE event (link removed) aimed to educate business owners about how to best leverage their online presence and increase brand awareness across digital platforms. Local Business Owners of all industries located in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties are welcome to attend. A panel of three top executives from Google Arjan Dijk, Fred Vallaeys and Ben Wood will be sharing their ideas on how to grow your businesses online.

Arjan Dijk, VP, Global Small Business Marketing - Arjan, author of The Small Think Big Book, will share unique insights, inspirational stories, and actionable ideas to help small businesses thrive in a hyper-connected marketplace.

Fred Vallaeys, Google AdWords Evangelist - Fred will examine how businesses can navigate online advertising and expand their online presence through …

What Is The Best Way To Use Facebook Ads For Your Business?

By Karina Tama

Are you thinking to implement Facebook Ads for your business? How to use it? Boost vs. Promote?

It depends on the goals that you want to reach. Do you want to get likes and followers that eventually will convert into leads? Or you want to drive traffic to your website? The answer would be what's best for your business. Most of the marketers choose Boost a post because it’s the easiest way. However, my personal opinion is to Promote a post. Here I will show you in detail the steps with the pros and cons of both options. Boost or Promote, what should I do?

Boost a Post works in the following way. Just by clicking Boost a Post in the lower right corner, you can Boost your post.

When you click “boost your post”, it will show you a new window where you can choose to push your post to: people who like your page and their friends or people you choose through targeting.

I will recommend the second option, you don’t want to push your post to people who are already your f…

Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing?

By Karina Tama

Today, everything has gone global. That’s why Internet Marketing plays an important role in any business. Your business needs Social Media Marketing in order to inform, engage, generate leads, and acquire new customers.

First, people are looking for solutions not for products. Now, Customers are trusting peer recommendations. Your business has to inform the audience about how your products or services work. Social Media is the best way to do it because traditional marketing will not reach out to all people. Internet Marketing does do this by using Social Media outlets. Therefore, you will get your audience updated about your business.

Second, using Social Media and its tools, will engage your audience through different Social Media Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Facebook is the biggest Social Media outlet. It has 1,310,000,000 billion active monthly users. Facebook gives you a huge exposure for your business. Twitter w…

How To Use Explainer Videos In Your Marketing Strategy!

By Karina Tama

Do you want to have a Social Media advantage over your competitors?

The use of Explainer Videos can give you that advantage and get you more customers. Why?

Customers are not looking for products. They need solutions. Explainer Videos as it’s called explains how to solve a problem.

It’s important to be specific and create a story to engage the audience.

A video is the most powerful tool in Social Media. Your business needs to use this form of social media content in order to engage the right audience and get customers.

We can visualize an example of an Explainer Video here with Jerry.

Jerry is a small business owner, but he is unhappy. He thinks the Internet can help him grow his business, but: He can’t find his reviewsHe is missing from Search EnginesHe does not understand Social Media Jerry needs a total digital solution. We can offer him one. With Our leading Reputation Management Toolkit he can: Check online business listingsFind reviews from top sourcesCollec…

Red, White & Blue! How colors affect your Brand?

By Karina Tama

Colors evoke emotions and feeling. The use of colors in marketing is an important part for your Brand. There are colors that work better than others in Marketing. How Colors affect your Brand? Here are few interesting information about it.

First, the colors your company uses establishes your Brand. The decision is, what color fits my business? Well, there are different colors that transmit different feelings. For example: Green is associated with calm, security and money. Blue is used for the medical and Internet industry. Brown is related with ruggedness. Purple evokes sophistication. White is seemed as a clear, simple and pure.

The logo of your company can also use the colors of your industry. As an example: Burger King and McDonald’s the two giants in the fast food business used the same colors; Yellow and Red. Yellow represents happiness, this is sending a message to consumers that eating at McDonald's is a fun experience. On the other hand, Red evokes energy …

3 Tips To Create A Great Visual For Your Social Media Marketing

By Karina Tama

Visuals are the favorite for your audience. Are you using visuals to engage your audience? If you are not doing it yet because you don’t know how to start, I will give you some simple tips to start creating visuals for your brand. There are few things to take into account before starting. These things are: colors, fonts, and templates.

First, creating visuals and posting them on your Social Media outlets will bring you more views and shares. People love images, videos, and all kinds of visuals. The visuals are great storytelling tools, and they are fun. Therefore, you need to pick wisely the colors for your visuals. Let's say if you were to create your own images with Photoshop or just taking original pictures, it would allow you to be engaging. Furthermore, it is important to use the logo and colors of your company or brand. For Example, Burger King has used the same colors: yellow, red and blue across all their products. Colors also create feelings: The study Exc…