CrucialClicks Selected To Host An Exclusive Google Partners Connect Event, leaders in Internet Marketing, is excited to announce that we have been selected and hosted our second exclusive Google Partners Connect Event at our offices in Coral Springs, FL during the month of May.

The free event aimed to educate business owners about how to best leverage their online presence and increase brand awareness across digital platforms. Local Business Owners of all industries located in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties attended.

A panel of two top executives from Google, Matt Lawson and Fred Vallaeys, shared their ideas on how to grow your businesses online.

Matt Lawson, Director, Search Ads Marketing - Micro-Moments - Matt discussed the "micro-moments" that guide a customer's decision journey, and how businesses can use online marketing to reach potential customers during the moments that matter most.

Fred Vallaeys, AdWords Evangelist - Advertise your business online - Fred is a longtime expert in AdWords. He talked with small businesses about how they can better navigate the web and expand their online presence through smarter customer insights.

CrucialClicks provided refreshments and shared Google-Branded items with attendees and offered them a complimentary 30 Day Free Trial to ReputationRepo™, Reputation Management Toolkit for your Business. It is an easy to use toolkit to monitor your local listings, compare your online presence to your competitors, and see what your customers are saying about you on review and social media sites.

Attendees had the opportunity to hear and learn from the Google Experts, after the event, attendees had a chance to speak with our team about their website design and Internet Marketing goals.


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