3 Important Local SEO Tips For Your Small Business

There are a few things that are really important about a successful Local SEO Tips. We have to add other marketing tools which can’t be underestimated. The goal here is to optimize a business that is found in the search engines. These tools are: Social Media, Blogging for rating and reviews, listings, etc.

First, Social Media gets the name of any business out there. Then the Social Media outlets help to prospect customers in finding information about different products. Karina Tama said, "Customers look for solutions not for products. Currently, the consuming economy is moving based on brand recognition, customer satisfaction, and feedback from prior consumers". The social presence plays an important role for local businesses. Today, it will really help to boost any Local SEO Tips.

Second, the creation of blog inner page in the business website will drive traffic because fresh content is part of the new Google algorithm. Having blogs posting several times a week will provide information to prospect customers when they are searching on the Internet. At the same time, people get redirected to the blog and they will land on the website. This is called inbound traffic and it will rank the business webpage as well. These blogs will also allow visitors to write, review, question, interact and rate the goods or services offered.

Third, listing for a Local SEO is a must task to be performed in order for it to be successful. I will say that it’s the most powerful way to boost your Local SEO. It has to be done using a third party source to display information, such as: location, hours of operation, availability, etc. The most used directories for listing local businesses are: Yelp, Yellow Pages, and White Pages. It can also be useful to list the business in places such as: Craigslist, EBay Free Classified, and any other local directory depending on each state. These local directories can be found on: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/10322/The-Ultimate-List-50-Local-Business-Directories.aspx

Finally, Local SEO tips work if its follow the above guidelines. Any business that includes these three steps will have an important presence in the Search Engines.

"Google only loves you when everybody loves you first".
Wendy Persall

By Karina Tama


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