3 Reasons Why Creating Your Own Images Will Improve Your SEO

In order to make a difference, it’s important to create your own images. There is a reason why it is important to go an extra mile and work on designing copyright images. The reasons are: Google can't read an image, pictures have copyrights, and images are a great storyteller for Social Media.

First, Google can't read images. We need to give the Search Engine extra information when we use an image. How do we that? Image ALT Attribute (ALT Tag) describes the image in readable text format and helps Search Engine crawlers to interpret the image content.

However, how will we Image ALT Attribute (ALT Tag) an image that doesn't belong to us? We can only use some keywords. It works better to use your own images and use the ones that we can give titles to. The titles will include a keyword that we want to target with the name of our business such as: <img src="mylogo.jpg" width="257" height="329" alt="My Logo is Awesome">.

When we do this, we start to give power to our brand. Images ALT Attribute with our brand is a way to get our brand in a better ranking in the Search Engines. In addition, we can copyright our images.

Second, many times images that we find on the Internet are somebody else’s property. In this case, we can't use them. It is illegal unless we reduce the size to make them legal. But it’s not unique since it doesn’t have our magic touch. It would make a big difference to create our own images. If we do a great job, we can become well known in the Graphic Design Sector. This sells our business. As I said before, let’s go the extra mile and copyright our job. Let's stand out in the middle of millions of Internet businesses!

Last but not least, an image is a great tool. An image can suggest feelings, sounds, and smells. It makes a difference to be personal in the cyber world. People need to touch and feel. We can touch our audience with a good storyteller picture.

Finally, we can create images through an original picture, a photoshop design or a mix of both. The point is to be original and not to copy from somebody else.

Therefore designing our own images will improve and benefit the SEO of our web pages when using the Image ALT

Attribute We will show up in the image search results. Don't forget to use keywords and your brand in the Image ALT Attribute. It can be also important to add the size of the image. All these tips will help search engine bots to interpret your image content.

“A designer knows that (s) he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”
Antoine De Saintexupery

By Karina Tama


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