4 Easy Ways to Get More Out Of Your LinkedIn Profile

By Karina Tama

Do you need better exposure on LinkedIn? You have a profile on LinkedIn, but you are not getting what you have expected? Here I will teach you a few tips that will help you to increase your exposure on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a social network outlet where we can reach business owners, managers, decision makers and more important people. This social media outlet can also help you generate leads, interact with networks, and maintain a social presence. You should take advantage of this amazing tool like LinkedIn, and invest more time creating and editing your profile. You have to look professional by using a picture that speaks for you and the job you do. For example, if you are a public speaker, then you should post a picture when you are giving a speech in a conference room with an audience. Moreover, you must write all your information about your education, job experiences, certifications, volunteer experience, etc.

In addition, you need to use the headline resource to talk about who you are. In the Summary Resource you can talk more about yourself extensively. You can include your professional and personal experiences. Hiring managers are looking for real people that anybody can trust. It will be interesting to write a few things about your family, hobbies and daily duties.

Last but no least, endorsements and recommendations are really useful so that people in your network know that you are efficient. Be aware that people that you have endorsed are more likely to endorse you back. On the other hand, to get a recommendation you should email people you know and ask them to give you one. If needed, call them and ask them to write one for you.

My last tip is to post links, pictures or videos that tell a story about your job such as: a conference where you participated.

It can also be valuable to build a personal website and embed the URL to LinkedIn.

Good luck with your new LinkedIn profile, and remember there is no second chance because your first impression is the one that counts.

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