4 Tips to Get More Out Of Your Followers On Facebook

By Karina Tama

Many businesses don't know how to get more out of their fans on Facebook. This is because getting likes on Facebook is not an easy task to achieve. Also, engaging the audience involves hard work. Engaging the audience means the news is being shared by the followers. Therefore, it is important to change the theme of the posting since the audience wants fresh content.

Writing blogs about interesting things and using infographics will get readers to click on your postings. People like images with data. They prefer to have images instead of reading a long blog, but still some part of the audience will enjoy reading blogs.

Facebook page posting can reach around 16% of viewers, but it can go to 47% or more. On the other hand, the engagement part can go down by 2%. Sometimes the reach index goes down in a specific holiday or season. During a holiday period people are more likely to travel. They will share time with friends or family than reading blogs or gathering information. Don’t panic when you run your analytics and see this happen. You need to evaluate why your engagement percentage has decreased.

The good news is that there are many ways to get more of your followers on Facebook. Here are some ideas:
  • Find the best time of day for your postings. It is simple to find out which of your postings have more views. Then you will know the best time to post relevant information so that your followers can see it.

  • Include a call to action and wait for a response in the comment box. Try to respond early in the comments so that you are building interactions. The time to respond to comments should not be more than 22 hours according to Socialbakers.

  • Create events in real-time on Facebook to answer questions of your followers.

  • Create a contest and think about something interesting that is easy and fun. Then offer an attractive prize. People like give aways; this will also provide you leads.
Follow these simple tips and you will see how your business will have more presence in Facebook. Remember Social Media is a full time job.

"Facebook is like a refrigerator. You get bored and keep checking, but nothing ever changes".


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