5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, Internet Marketing is the new approach for businesses to stay ahead. Organic Social Media is the main component that supports Internet Marketing. The guidelines of the Search Engine changes often and people demand more for Social Media. The audience wants to be informed and be heard. Social Media is not anymore a channel to post news about goods and services. Instead Social Media has become a channel to interact with followers, listen to their needs, and provide information to your business. In this article we will discuss five ways to build a great Organic Social Media Plan for any business.

First, the beginning of any Organic Social Media Campaign is the creation of the outlets such as: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. It is important to choose wisely the ones that are oriented in the industry we work for. For example, if the marketing campaign is for the Shoe Industry, it’s important to create Pinterest and Instagram. After interesting news and updates are posted, it will leave a door open for people to comment on the postings. Everything is not about us since it lets the audience speak. Basically, stop talking only about your business and start to listen. When you listen, you can provide what customers are looking for.

Second, Writing Content is the structure of the campaign. Organic Social Media Marketing needs to write blogs often. If you can write everyday, it will really boost your business’ name. Social Media creates a Brand and lets your Brand speak through blogs.

Third, be careful when you choose your blog's topics. Blogs have to be written based on topics that customers are looking for. You need to research for keywords on the topic before you start to write. There are several ways to find the keywords. One way is to look up your competitors and see what they are talking about.

Next, YouTube is one of the greatest tools to engage people. Today, people don’t have the time to read all the information that is available on the web. For this reason, the audience loves videos. A good video is the best storytelling tool to inform the audience. Pay attention to titles and tags. In order for anyone to create a video that gets views, the title has to have content and keywords that people are looking for in the Search Engine.

Last but not least, the best tool that has worked for me is a simple one. It’s to create my own images. Using pictures that are available on the Internet and posting them every day is acceptable. But if you create your own images, you will see incredible results. You can use Photoshop to make amazing images like Infographics. Customers look for facts and data since they don't want to read a whole page. You can provide them very nice Infographics with images and copyright them. Moreover, you can Alt tag the images with keywords so that your brand can see quick results. This will allow your business to be indexed by the biggest search engine with your images.

Finally, now that you know all the steps to follow in order to have a successful Organic Social Media Marketing Plan. It’s time to put all the pieces together by embedding videos and images in your blogs. Don't leave any pieces alone, the internet is an engine. We need to put all our resources together in order to get results. Following these five tips, you can succeed in business. It only requires time and energy. Good Luck!

“Why use Social Media? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the story you tell”.
Seth Godin

By Karina Tama


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