Instagram is a Powerful Tool for Your Internet Marketing Campaigns

By Karina Tama

Do you want to expand your Internet Marketing with more tools? Do you know that Instagram is a successful tool?

Creating a great Instagram profile will help your company reach more people, get more followers and increase your brand exposure. Don’t be stagnate! You must move and start your Instagram account so that you can start sharing the picture experience. There are 75 million daily active users on Instagram. Get your piece of the action and expand your business opportunities.

First, you need to create an interesting profile by using high definition pictures. A good picture tells an amazing story about your business. HD pictures are more likely to grab the attention of prospect customers. Then add the URL of the website to the description. This will help to find your business. Instagram is not only a tool to share pictures, tags, etc. It’s also a tool that creates traffic.

Therefore, create a specific hashtag if you will run a campaign. The hashtag will help you track the success of the campaign. For example, if you own a shoe store and you want to share the new shoe arrivals with pictures, then take HD pictures post it in Instagram and write a nice description using a hashtag such as: #newarrivalshoes. Later people will share your pictures with other people and the hashtag will be embedded.

Second, you need to use an Instagram directory. This feature will allow you to send private pictures to people who are already engaged with your products. At the same time, you can also create a group to send private pictures. For example, say that you sold some sneakers and you have found your followers of this specific niche. Then you can create a group to facilitate the communication between your niche customers and your business. In this group, you will only post sneakers. It’s a must to send pictures. Instagram doesn’t support just text.

Are you looking for customer loyalty? Instagram is the place to be. Here you can engage your customers through a bond. Post a picture that goes beyond the product, such as: pictures of the factory, the office, and the people who work in the office. This gives your audience the personal touch and makes them feel like they are at home. Many companies can sell shoes, but you will show your followers that your business is more than just about shoes. These images will develop curiosity for people to know who is behind the scenes. Your business is managed by people that care about customers.

A good tip is to run campaigns in Instagram and offer giveaway prizes, discounts or contests. An example of this is:
Follow @amazingshoes Re-post the picture using this tag #newarrivalshoes. You can giveaway a gift card of your online business. Believe me, you will have a lot of picture sharing and you will get new followers. Also, don’t forget to embed your URL. People that participate in the contest will go to see what you have in your website. If you want your brand to standout, create your own hashtag that has your business name such as: #newamazingshoes.

I am sure you will rock your audience by using these tips mentioned above. For more information, please visit our blog:

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