Pinterest Can Make it Happen For Your Business!

By Karina Tama

Pinterest is a visual Internet Marketing tool with over 70 million users. Many businesses are using Pinterest as their Internet Marketing tool.

The majority of the audience on Pinterest are women and the more attractive products are fashion, food, and interior design or home decor. After you read this you are likely to say, “This is not the tool for me, or my business is not attractive enough to use Pinterest!” I can tell you that you may change your mind. Today, visual marketing such as pictures and videos are number one in engaging the audience. A good image is the best way to tell a story about your business.

It’s true to say that the more popular companies that are on Pinterest are companies that sell fashion. However, you can still sell your business using this great tool. Think about some ideas that relate to how to create images that engage customers. For example, if your business sells kitchen appliances, you can create amazing images using Photoshop. These images can show a beautiful kitchen, and now you are a fit in the home decor category. This is one of the most popular searches on Pinterest. As you see, you just need to think outside the box.

Another example, your business sells car tires, and you think tires are not a hot product on the market. You can take great pictures of luxury cars, sport cars and antique cars to market your tires on Pinterest. The secret is to make your product appealing for your audience to view. Therefore, create images or pictures that tell a story and make your product the hero of the story. Take a deep breath and figure out what your audience is really interested in and you will find the answer of how to create your pins.

Good luck with this new tool! I’m sure your business will get a new channel for exposure and brand recognition.

"Thanks Pinterest for helping me feel creative even though I have really just been sitting at my computer for the last three hours".


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