The importance Of Call Tracking Phone Number For Your Self-Storage Business

By Karina Tama

If you receive a call from a prospect and the customer asks for security devices, such as video surveillance, climate control units, and more, it’s possible that the person wants to book a unit in your self-storage facility.

Nowadays, many storage businesses are losing customers due to the fact that the sales people don't do their job the right way.

The Infographics have shown that 43% of all search connected conversion happens over the phone. 65% that take advantage of the business considers the phone calls their highest quality lead supply. Also, there is a 10% (percent) increase in clicks through rates for pay–per-click ads with a number. is concerned about the important needs of our customers. Self-Storage Businesses close their deals 30% of the times over the phone. That’s why we have a great product in our portfolio called “Call Tracking Phone Number”. This is a great tool that is needed now so that you don't lose customers. For example, the advantage of tracking call numbers is that the business can assign a different number to each specific campaign. Furthermore the self-storage facility can run a twitter campaign with a specific phone number. Then the tracking phone number allows the management department to get insights of the conversions of the campaign.

On the other hand, “Call Tracking Phone Number” can be also used as a management control tool. The tool is offered by which records calls in real time. This amazing tool allows the manager to hear incoming calls and knows how the salesperson is performing. The manager will know who is doing well, and who is not doing things the right way. “Call Tracking Phone Number” is a must tool for the Self-Storage Industry. Most of the customers and including the ones that gather information on the Internet are prospective customers over the phone. No tool is wasted when it’s about customer service.


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