Want To Increase Revenue For Your Small Business? Hire A Professional Web Design Company

Building a website is a task that can be done by anybody. It just needs some templates and plenty of time to figure out how to build it. Developing a good website that meets your business needs is different. After an interview with Michael Schulman, Chief Technology Officer at CrucialClicks.com, I understood the difference better between a website that displays information and an optimized website for a successful business. Schulman said “A good website should be organized, friendly, fast, and have a mobile version”.

First, an organized website should have a useful layout that meets any business needs. In the Self-Storage Industry, the customer should be able to navigate easily through the pages and find the information that he is looking for.

The most relevant information about this business is the location page, the prices and the space availability. CrucialClicks.com specializes in the Self-Storage Industry. They have developed an API interface to integrate the website with Self-Storage management software such as: SiteLink, Centershift, and WebSelfStorage. Through this interface Crucialclicks.com allows the Self-Storage facilities to run different features that the management software above offers, for example: 24/7 online reservations, online payments, and updates on rent availability in real time. All these gadgets are a plus that help to get customers right on the spot. An organized website delivers to customers a good experience since it’s friendly to customers when information is gathered.

Second, a fast website is really important to rank in the Search engines such as: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Websites developed by amateurs have so many plugins that make the website work slow. It can look beautiful, but it won't be fast. CrucialClicks.com developers build customized websites. Michael Schulman explained to me how a good customized website that is built with the minimum amount of HTML codes and more content can be faster than any other. A customized website doesn’t need plugins, or if they use the plugins, they will be a few. On the other hand, WordPress websites that are made by amateurs will require a lot of plugins. This will make a website run slow to download which will affect the ranking. CrucialClicks.com builds customized websites that are well optimized, fast, and friendly. This ensures great customer experience and a better ranking on the search engines. The customer can pick and integrated any of the management software: SiteLink, Centershift, WebSelfStorage.

Third, a website needs to have a mobile version. Nowadays, 90% of American adults have a cell phone. Source: Pewinternet.org media

Businesses without mobile site are loosing 90% visibility. A big percentage of this 90% will gather information on their phone. They are purchasing goods and services through their devices.

Mobile sites for Self-Storage should have the functionality that customers need to reserve online, call from their cell phone, get to the location using the map, and more. CrucialCliks.com offers mobile sites, and now CrucialClicks.com developers have added Responsive Web Design to their products. Responsive Web Design is building a single website that adapts to all devices and platforms. Generating optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktop computer monitors.

Last but not least, Michael Schulman added, “we are experts in the Self-Storage Business. We don’t ask customers what they want. We know what they need. We only ask them for information, pictures, etc.” CrucialClicks.com is an Internet Marketing company that specializes in Self-Storage and Apartments Rentals. CrucialClicks.com is always updating their technology to offer excellent products. These products support the managing and marketing of any local business online including their World Class Customer Service and all that is provided at an affordable price

"If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur".
Red Adair

By Karina Tama


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