3 Tips To Create A Great Visual For Your Social Media Marketing

By Karina Tama

Visuals are the favorite for your audience. Are you using visuals to engage your audience? If you are not doing it yet because you don’t know how to start, I will give you some simple tips to start creating visuals for your brand. There are few things to take into account before starting. These things are: colors, fonts, and templates.

First, creating visuals and posting them on your Social Media outlets will bring you more views and shares. People love images, videos, and all kinds of visuals. The visuals are great storytelling tools, and they are fun. Therefore, you need to pick wisely the colors for your visuals. Let's say if you were to create your own images with Photoshop or just taking original pictures, it would allow you to be engaging. Furthermore, it is important to use the logo and colors of your company or brand. For Example, Burger King has used the same colors: yellow, red and blue across all their products. Colors also create feelings: The study Exciting Red and Competent Blue “also confirms that purchasing intent is greatly affected by colors due to the impact they have on how a brand is perceived.”

Second, it’s better to always use between two to three fonts in your visuals. More than that will be annoying to the viewers. When you have chosen the fonts, keep them for all your visuals. Remember, it’s about creating an image for your brand. The details can't change and you have to keep them. eBay is a good example of having fonts and colors.

Last but not least, the template has to be something you can use in a generic way. I always use the same template for my visuals. This has helped my brand to be recognized and remembered. It’s recommended that you create a template and keep the same format, using the colors and fonts. As a result, you will have amazing visuals that will engage your audience and build brand recognition.

Use the above tips and keep the hexadecimal codes of your colors so that way you don’t make mistakes in your visual creations. Good luck with your new project!

"We believe that behind every person, every organization, and every brand, there is a story waiting to be told"
-Rich Cline-


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