How To Use Explainer Videos In Your Marketing Strategy!

By Karina Tama

Do you want to have a Social Media advantage over your competitors?

The use of Explainer Videos can give you that advantage and get you more customers. Why?

Customers are not looking for products. They need solutions. Explainer Videos as it’s called explains how to solve a problem.

It’s important to be specific and create a story to engage the audience.

A video is the most powerful tool in Social Media. Your business needs to use this form of social media content in order to engage the right audience and get customers.

We can visualize an example of an Explainer Video here with Jerry.

Jerry is a small business owner, but he is unhappy. He thinks the Internet can help him grow his business, but:
  1. He can’t find his reviews
  2. He is missing from Search Engines
  3. He does not understand Social Media
Jerry needs a total digital solution. We can offer him one. With Our leading Reputation Management Toolkit he can:
  1. Check online business listings
  2. Find reviews from top sources
  3. Collect online comments
  4. Reports of analytics and notification
Now: Business owners like Jerry are happy again. Why? Because:
  1. Search Engines can find him
  2. Customer engagement is up
  3. New business is flowing in
This happens when Brand Management is done right.

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As you can see, it’s necessary to work in an outline format in order to make sense of the video. It will show the problem and how your product or services can give a solution. Then you can engage the audience with a short animated story, and finally place a call to action such as: Contact Us! Buy from Us! Subscribe Now! Etc.

When your Explainer Video is ready, it is time to promote it.

The fastest way to get views is using YouTube Pre-Roll-Ads. These ads are very affordable. They range from 10 to 30 cents per view. You will send your viewers to your landing page or website. Then your targeted traffic is ready to purchase your product.

Start using Explainer Videos in your marketing strategy and wait for results. They will come and your sales will increase.

Please let me know when your video is posted so that I can check it out. I will also appreciate you let me know how is the performance of your video campaign.

"Social Media is more about Sociology and Psychology than it is about Technology"
-Brain Solis-


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