Tips To Managing Your Online Business Reputation Right!

By Karina Tama

Today, your business reputation matters more than before. This is why you have to be on top of it. A 2013 study shows that 79 % of people’s purchasing decisions rely on reviews. It’s not what you say about your business. What counts is what people say about your business.

Take control of what people are saying about your business is a must if you want to succeed in business. It takes many years and hard work to build a name. At the same time, it can be destroyed in seconds through a bad review or a careless comment on the Internet.

Monitoring your listings and tracking your reviews play a huge part in managing your online business reputation.

How well a business ranks on search engines is influenced by the consistency and accuracy of its listings across the internet. Whether or not a business is listed consistently on web directories, review sites, and social networks will have a major impact on its search engine rank. Most businesses aren't aware of just how many sites they are listed on, and it's common that these directories are not providing customers with accurate information. The more consistent a business's listings on sites like Google+ Local,, Dexknows, Judy’s Book, and others, the higher up on Google it will place. Fixing these listings is a minor chore with a major impact. The first Google result gets 53% of clicks, while the second receives only 15%.

Reviews are very important for business. Now with the social media movement, it takes seconds to spread the information through the Internet. An upset customer can write a bad review in any of the directories, social media outlets or blogs. Not only the prospect customers will see those reviews and comments, but also the Search Engines will index the information and distributed it all over the Internet. If you don’t have your business reputation under control, it can be too late by the time you realize your online business reputation is destroyed.

ReputationRepo™ is a Management Toolkit that helps you to monitor your local listings, compare your online presence to your competitors, and see what your customers are saying about you on reviews and social media sites. ReputationRepo™ is powered by, the leader in Internet Marketing. You will be able to manage your listing in the search engines, blogs, forums, and the entire Internet. All of these play an important part of any business.

Therefore, I highly recommend to try this amazing tool in order to manage your business reputation. Take action now before it is too late. Try our 30 Day Free Trial. No credit card required. I’m sure that you will love this tool and get the most out of it.

You will have fun managing your reviews and getting in touch with the customers that have written good reviews. Your Business deserves it!

"It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it".
-Benjamin Franklin-


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