CrucialClicks Introducing An Online Storage Auctions Marketplace - StorageStuff.Bid

Last month, in partnership with Legacy Auction Services has launched StorageStuff.Bid, the first Fully Licensed Self Storage Auction Platform. We are very excited about this new service that will help self storage operators efficiently list delinquent units for sale. Some benefits of StorageStuff.Bid include:
  • Free Support From Licensed Self Storage Auctioneers

  • Easy Multi-Level User Management On All Devices

  • Developed By Self Storage Professionals

  • Automatic Listing on

  • Bring In More Buyers And Money

  • No Crowds On Auction Day

  • Established Buyer Base
If you would like a demo of StorageStuff.Bid and how it could help your business handle its delinquent units, please contact us at


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