Here is Why Email Marketing Is Not Dead

By Karina Tama

Email Marketing is a piece of cake that needs your attention. Many people said that Email Marketing is dead, but it is not true. 3.3% is the Click-Through Rate (CTR) for Email Marketing. All of this depends on the way it is performed. Why lose that 3.3%? It would be better to go and get it.

First of all, don’t buy any list. If there is a good list of Email Contacts, it won't be on sale. Nobody likes Spam, and when you buy a list, you are doing Spam. Buying a list will hurt your business because people will block your emails, and then you will never reach them.

You are better off building your own healthy organic list. Now you say to yourself: “easier said than done”. Well, it will take time and effort, but hard work pays off. The best way to get your own Email Contact List is by Blogging.

Begin by writing relevant content for your audience. Then you will build traffic and get conversions. I will explain this better here:

Writing Blogs with titles that your audience is interested in will get you more traffic to your Website because your audience will share the content in different Social Media Outlets.

In addition, the Search Engines will index your content and your business will get visibility.

Your business will also gain visitors from the Search Engines through the keywords you will use for your Blogs. Think about the frequent questions your customers have. This is the title of the Blog. Then the answer to the questions is the body of your Blog.

When you acquire traffic to your Blog, you will start to convert the audience into leads for an Email Campaign. How? Very easy, you can offer something to get their Email Contacts. For example, you can offer a free eBook where you compiled all the Blogs you have on your website with other tips. You can also offer a free analysis, discounts, or a gift card of any Local Business. Prizes always motivate people to give their information.

In addition, you can use the prizes to create a campaign in the Social Media Outlets. This will inform your audience that the prizes are available to everybody who visits your Blog page. It will create extra traffic to your Blog.

As results, the people you have engaged will generate views for your Blog, visits to your Website, and they may provide you with their Email Addresses. This is the best way to have eager people hearing from you, instead of Spamming people through an Email List.

"Never forget Social Media is for reach, but Email is for revenue"
Bryan Eisenberg


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