4 Great Ideas To Improve Your Social Media Marketing

By Karina Tama

Are you wondering how much more you can do to improve your Social Media Marketing? Have you already tried the most popular social media marketing outlets without results?

Well, stop worrying about it! I will explain in details four unique ways to engage people.

First, you can start to host Social Media Events by organizing a virtual event on Facebook. This can be done by creating nice images and posting them on your Facebook FanPage. Plus, you can also send them to all your contacts. However, you need to think about an eye-catching name for the event such as: Happy Get Together. Then have the event for at least 24 hours so that you allow people to publish their Facebook Fan Page on your wall. Furthermore, you can get a lot of new fans, build loyal followers, and be the leader of this kind of event in your community.

Facebook party by CrucialClicks Welcome to our Facebook Party!

I recommend using this approach once a month so that it will always build excitement. Send the event invitation in the morning at least two days before, and then send another couple of invitations on the day of the event. At the end of the day, you will end up with many new followers. Moreover, you will have given the people the opportunity to interact with other people on your wall. This will create a huge engagement.

CrucialClicks Facebook Page CrucialClicks Facebook Page

Second, you can host live webinars about interesting topics. This can be done by using the same approach of posting the event in all the Social Media Outlets that you are using. You can promote a product or service and get some sales at the end of the webinar. For example, I hosted a webinar about reputation management where I explain why a business has to manage its online reputation. After I give away important facts, I offer a 30 Day Free Trial or a special price of ReputationRepo™ Toolkit only for the webinar participants. Believe me; you will end your journey with sales and many people will begin to love your brand. Don’t be surprised if many of them will become an evangelist of your products.


Third, focus your marketing efforts on the platform where your audience is interacting. For many small businesses this can be a nightmare by being on all the Social Media Outlets. Let me tell you something! It is a waste of time and effort in doing that. Therefore, you should keep your eyes and ears open. Also, check on your customers and prospects so that you can find where they are hanging out online and go there to interact with them. Then you can ask them what social media they use. Another tool you can use to know if there are communities talking about your business or topics you engage in is Google Alerts. This is done by setting up the alerts with the criteria of your business and relevant topics. You will get in your inbox an alert when somebody is talking about you online. Then you can go there and interact with people.

Google Alerts Google Alerts

Fourth, a great image is worth a thousand words. You can use your image to say the most to your audience. Don’t post mute pictures! You should post some text on your images to complement the message. Facebook is a platform where you can get the most out of your images. People that use Facebook love images. We know that a good picture can get a lot of likes and shares. Also, Pinterest and Instagram are social media marketing outlets where you can engage the audience through an image. However, be careful with your images and make sure it is communicating your message in an effective way.

Finally, please take a look on the following images that I have created for CrucialClicks. I have created a template where I embedded all my images. Then I customized each one and displayed short content. That is the right way to do it! Also, don’t forget to embed your company logo.

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