Do's and Don'ts Of Social Media

By Karina Tama

Everybody wants to engage their audience through Social Media. There are several ways of doing it such as: creating a bond, providing content with interesting writing (Blogs), giving prizes to get leads and so on. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. Nobody has the magic formula to get results from Social Media. There are so many outlets. Which one is the right fit for your industry? How to help my company that sells software in Pinterest? How to get followers on Instagram? People write about these topics all the time, but we will only know that what works for each industry is when we try.

So, let's try several tips and see how we engage the audience in the most consistent way. Sean Gardner, said “Social Media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources.”

Getting followers and likes are important. Finding the right keywords while writing content to be indexed by the search engines can also help SEO. But the reality is: we need conversions. Doing it the organic way, will take too long. Therefore, money needs to be invested in ads and campaigns. It does not matter if you write the best Blog with the updated information, and nobody sees it. That's why we have an option with Facebook ads campaigns to target our audience. Then we will have the right people as followers. They will like to read and share our important content. Another option is to run a YouTube Campaign. Now, Visual Social Media is a favorite to the audience. It is important to create videos about the industry on relevant subjects. I will suggest to produce a video version of your Blogs. Remember Social Media is about reaching out to people. Some people enjoy reading while others prefer watching a video.

Timing is another important factor across all Social Media. When is the best time to post? It differs from one industry to another. It is better to try different times, and to check the analytics in order to get the perfect time that benefits you.

Images and pictures are really popular on Facebook.

Wishpond provided an Infographic that said : 300 million pictures are posted on Facebook every day. Now we have a specific clue. Pictures are good for engaging your audience on Facebook. Remember, each outlet is different and has to be worked in a different way. Still, you can use the same content for all of them as long as you just customize it for each one. On the other hand, Twitter only gives you 140 characters, but it is all about tags. Linkedin comes in when you have reached the decision makers and your postings need to be professional with added information.

Smashzine's Infographic show the following per day: 100,000 Tweets are sent, 48 hours of video are watched on YouTube, almost 685,000 postings of content are shared in Facebook, 3,600 pictures are uploaded in Instagram, and over 2 million searches in Google. With all these numbers, I’m sure you want to be part of this daily activity. Well, it’s possible with a lot of work and some investment.

Social Caffeine has identified the best and worst times across the social media outlets that can apply to all markets. The best time is 1:00-4:00 pm and the worst times are 8:00 pm to 8:00 am. Still, it is better to take a look on our own insights to get answers.

Finally, Jess3'S latest Infographic shows that 5.98 billion mobile devices are in use globally as of February 2013. Remember, there are social media outlets that are exclusive for mobile users like Instagram and Foursquare.

I have seized the most important point about Social Media. Now is the time to start to work hard and make it happen. Be patient! You need to build trust since it takes time. I will say the average time to get results is 6 to 8 months using some ads here and there. If you want to work organically, it will take too long. To be honest with you, it’s better to invest and save time. Opportunities are out there, let’s go get them.

"A brand is not longer what we tell the customer it is, is what customers tell each other it is"
-Scot Cook-


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