The Importance of Social Marketing For Your Business Today!

By Karina Tama

Social Marketing shows that including social media marketing in our marketing efforts will bring results, engage the audience, and create success. Social Media will inform your active customers about updates in your products or services. It will also educate the audience about your company. By educating the audience, it will bring new followers, fans, and leads.

Social Marketing will empower your credibility by turning your customers into powerful brand advocates. This will engage them in peer-to-peer sharing and influence marketing. Using different outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube will create visibility for your brand or company.

Therefore, stay focused and choose the right outlets for your business. For example, if you sell shoes, it’s a must for your company to use Pinterest and Instagram, or if you sell services such as Internet Marketing, it’s a must to write blogs, create video tutorials, and images.

Example of Social Media Use for Product Example of Social Media Use for Services.
You need to incorporate Social Marketing in your entire sales funnel. This is something simple but time consuming. It has been there for your customers after and before the sale. The social marketing presence is vital and you have to practice all the steps. For a better understanding, let’s go over the following example:

You can start promoting your business products and services in the social media outlets that match your target market. Then offer things to the audience so that they can sign up for your newsletters or to get prizes. This will bring you leads. Then, you can make the sale. Afterwards you should collect customers’ important dates on file, such as your customers’ birthdays and anniversaries. You may use those dates to say Hi to them and post a card on their walls through the social media outlets. Another idea is giving a discount to them for their special date. Believe me they will come back to you every time they need one of your services.

Happy Birthday Exclusive Discount. Happy Birthday Exclusive Discount.

You simply need to invest time and passion for it. Social Marketing is what your business needs. I’m sure my advice will generate new revenues and several new followers. Don’t hesitate to start now!

"Social Marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers".
-Bryan Weiner-


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